TOP 3: Barstool Podcasts


BarstoolBarstoolSports has become a powerhouse. A site where readers can not only learn about the latest and greatest with an authentic POV, but now can hear about it on the go (besides KFC who has been doing this for years). The recent presence of podcasts has become a major key for the success of Barstool and I am all for it. We got some great minds coming together like PFTcommenter and BigCat, ElPresidente with stoolies, and KFC with his legacy callers. Overall, after being acquired by CherninGroup, Barstool is now dominating the podcast game like nobody has seen before. With the names above, one might be wondering- Spence? Which show is the best to listen to? I got you covered. Bringing back the TOP 3- this week we have the TOP 3 podcasts of Barstool and why they rank where they do- LETS RUN IT.

#3 KFCRadio
Unfortunately for KFC-  the longest tenured veteran in the podcast game comes in at 3rd place. Yeah he might have the best interview style, rules, and experience… but something about being in NY makes it not as great. This past weeks interview with the First Lady deffinitly brought him some noise, but not enough to break the top 2.


#2 Pardon my Take

BigCat & PFTCommenter come in at the number 2 spot. So far I have throughly enjoyed their podcasts featuring guests from Frank Kaminsky to Mr. Portnoy for legal advice. They have segments, topics, segment-topics, and everything inbetween. My highlights from each episode include the spoilers of the week (hilarious), questions you dont need to answer but I am going to ask anyways, and the Jimbo’s of the week- real funny stuff. Very close to topping the list at number 1, but I think there is something about the size of their brains that in comparison to the top choice just doesnt cut it.

#1 The Blogfather

Pure comedic genius. If only I could come up with such brilliance maybe I would be living in a Nantucket mansion instead of posting small time blogs with no viewers. I think it may be the size of my brain, or maybe its the level of excuses I make. Davey Pageviews deliverers yet again for an hour each week of unforgettable listening. In Pres we trust.

These 3, while ranked in order of the best content, are fantastic programs. Each and everyone delivers unforgettable content thats a true disservice if left unlistened by anyone. I dont care if you’re a refugee coming across boarders through months of hardship, or even someone who was offended by Curt Schillings post- you must find the time to tune in, especially with the deals from MyUndies and Leesa Mattresses….mattresses mattresses mattresses. Well now its my turn: lets tune into my excuse of a good podcast talking about the Red Sox and how well they have performed after their homestand.



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TOP 3: 2016 Political Social Media Posts


As many of us know by now, Political campaigns have drastically changed since their original format of the past- largely in part by the development of the world wide web and social media. Starting with Barack Obama’s Hope driven campaign in 2008, political strategists have not looked back to the old tactics of gathering votes. What Obama was able to accomplish not once but twice in different elections prove to not only be impactful, but proven paths to the oval office. This year is no different. Looking at Bernie Sanders campaign, full of young activists running social media accounts, it truly is reminiscent of Obama’s strategy. Here, the mantra is “This is YOUR campaign”, encouraging individuals to lobby for Bernie to get to the outcome they want (wow Bernie supporters actually doing something to get something they want!). One of my favorite viral videos Sanders created to gather votes in the south, especially among the black demographic, was a video with Eric Gardner’s mother talking why Bernie was right for the community.
Hillary Clinton has also directed her campaign heavily with social media influence. On her website, as well as many of her political posters will read the line “I’m With Her”. Hillary, as well as Bernie, both are creating amazing viral videos which are touching millions of supporters and garnishing votes. Clinton is also ahead of her rival with almost 3x as many followers as Bernie Sanders. However, nobody on the democratic party has trumped the Donald.Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump has ran a campaign like nothing anybody has seen before. Moment after moment has unfolded and still Americans are shocked to hear what Donald is saying. While some analysts believe that a few of his comments are hurting his chances in the long run, others are asserting that nothing Trump can say will hurt him- its almost like a snowball rolling down a hill that gets larger and larger. It seems the more out of bounds Trump seems to go, the more traffic he receives. Currently, he has the most followers out of the looney-bunch and the montra Make America Great Again seems to only be ringing more true in the minds of Americans. While the political season has been hilariously scary to watch, the social media campaigns are nothing new. What is new, and I believe is something we have never witnessed in this amount, is the user-generated political satire. Starting with the Trump people getting at other GOP candidates all the way to Black Twitter hashing it out against the liberals- its been fantastic to watch. With so much content that comes out each day, I decided to bring back the TOP 3 and showcase my top three user generated content that has gone viral. RUN IT:

#3 Hillary Clinton Barks with the Baha Men

Hillary Clinton- why are you barking. I know the context, but why are you barking. If you’re gonna bark (which you shouldn’t) at least make it legit. Now you’re stuck with a horrible gif of you barking like a chiwawa and people making videos of you barking alongside the Baha Men. Only question left to ask is WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

#2 Bernie VS Hillary Memes

There are so many and honestly they haven’t gotten un-funny yet. Poking fun at Hillary by comparing her to the ‘hip-n-cool’ Bernie with thousands of references, comedy gold. I’ve read some PC police getting all hot and bothered about the jokes directed towards Hillary and its honestly pathetic. Its political satire, get over it. By the way, if anyone does’t understand the Fight Club Issue- stop reading WickedMillennial.

#1 Trump-Effect Trailer

Coming in at number 1 is the Trump Effect trailer. This is pure gold and other candidates should realize that this is the only surefire way of getting to the presidency. A mix of explosions, some street fear, soundbites of some homie shoutouts, and a killer voiceover- what more can a Trump Supporter voter ask for? Of course when Trump stumbled upon this video he had to instantly retweet this thing and show it off. Thanks to this video, The Donald probably got another hundred thousands voters for the November showdown. I have a feeling, a crazy feeling that one day….Donald… will make America Great Again.

Honorable Mention: Hillary Clinton Dab Vines courtesy of Black Twitter

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Stephen King on Fenway’s new Netting
The novelist is a season ticket holder, and he received a call from a Red Sox spokesperson who informed King that his seats would be guarded by netting in the upcoming 2016 season. King had this to say:

“There are questions inherent in the decision to net, and I think they’re bigger than baseball. Like when does protection become overprotection? Is the safety of a fan at a public event like a baseball game the responsibility of the organization putting on that event? (According to the back of every MLB ticket sold, the fan is responsible.) When do safety precautions begin to steal away the pure joy of being there? I understand the Red Sox bear some responsibility, but I also accept my responsibility to take care of myself — to the best of my ability — when I’m at the ballpark. Is there a certain element of risk? Yes. Is the risk perhaps increased by being only two rows from the playing field? Yes again. But you can see everything from that vantage, not just the players but the breathtaking green of the grass, the bright white of the uniforms, the sky as it goes from blue in the top of the first to black by the bottom of the sixth. And hey, there’s always the chance that you can catch a foul ball instead of being hit by one. That chance goes away once the net is in place. In fact, a lot goes away. That netting may be a fine mesh, but you’re still looking through a barrier instead of right at the thing you came to see. Which means you’d do almost as well to sit home watching the game on TV.”

Today is opening day at Fenway park. Always a great time- new uniforms, fresh grass, great vibes up&down Yawkey way; however, this year Fenway has a different look. I’m not just talking about the new infield which has added grass and removed dirt to create a smaller diamond, but the netting that wraps around home plate to the corner bases. I can’t be the only sane person that things this is fucking awful. At least we have one major voice coming out to vocalize the Pussification of Fenway– and that man is Stephan King, renowned author and season ticket holder for years. King summarizes it perfectly. Is fan safety the responsibility of the organization or the PERSON WHO IS AT THE GAME. Is that even a question? Unfortunately with sue-happy Americans, I guess its becoming the latter. How can this be allowed to happen to baseball? I remember the joy of being a kid in Fenway; eyes glued to the field, cheering as loud as I could, bringing a glove with hopes of catching a foul ball in the stands. Now for everyone sitting closer, who pay good money for these seats, they dont have that chance. Sure there are stray balls and flying bats into the crowd, but thats apart of the experience! You’re not supposed to go to the stadium to fuck around or stare at your phone. You go to the stadium to cheer and be apart of the game! Like King said, “When does protection become overprotection”. Its the classic case of what it feels like growing up as a millennial. One thing goes wrong and ruins the fun for everyone moving forward. Any millennial will know exactly what I am talking about, and anyone older than us will remind us constantly how its just not like it used to be. This cant last, I need to find a way, some type of petition to sign, some door to knock on, some foot to piss on to get back to how it should be. #MakeBaseballFunAgain

For those of you who would like to see the travesty that is the new netting: check the video.

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Milo The Cat; A story not for the faint of heart

Now that’s some real terrifying shit right there. Its kinda like watching a car crash; you know its bad but you cant turn away. Starts off so innocent- just a couple of teeniebopers in front of a webcam (probably surfing chat roulette getting their first experience of the horrors online) until Milo decides to fuck around with the lamp. This is why I am a BIG dog person. Dogs are loyal, fun, and wont get electrocuted unless theyre running across the invisible fence over and over again- just easy, dumb, simple fun. Cats on the other hand just fuck around. They dont love you, theyre always walking over and climbing shit, ripping up the furniture, and breaking lightbulbs til the point of execution. Can’t help but laugh watching the reaction of the girls the second time around. Clearly in shock from what they are seeing and hearing, so the best course of action is to shake the lamp around hoping the cat dislodges from socket- absolutely hilarious. Dark humor is the best humor, gotta use it to get through the toughest in life; thats my word of advice.

Well you know how they say cats have 9 lives, well lucky for Milo and those with a faint heart, the cat is alright… apparently by this post. So now we can all rest out heavy hearts with the knowledge that little Milo is gonna be alright, just another day another live.

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Marta Alonso; Redefining Modern Marketing

Martha Alonso
Likewise with men, there are many women in this world that find a profession, become proficient, and pursue a successful career; however, there a select few that redefine what a profession is by becoming an entrepreneur. Marta Alonso is a woman from Spain who I would clarify as redefining. From the beginning, Marta has chosen her own path to success- bouncing from positions and companies to pave her own path. Starting at small marketing firms eventually becoming employed at one of the largest with HP, to creating massively viral social media accounts- Alonso now is the owner of a marketing management team of only 3 with renowned success.

In today’s day and age, changes to the marketplace occur every year, if not every couple of months. Just in the last ten years, there has been a massive switch from the traditional style of entertainment and news consumption; changing from predominant medium television to the now highly connected mobile world of today. While the younger generations are more in tune with this switch than that of older generations, everyday more and more adults are learning of new forms of technology and what can be accessed with them. Not only is the usage of mobile data growing, but what is viewed is shaking up many industries including the entertainment business, news networks, sporting clubs, and especially advertisers who market through each of these pathways. Instead of watching mainstream films, or listening to networks delivering bias news presentations- consumers are beginning to receive their content through other means, means which they prefer and can relate to; other citizens creating user-generated content.

Personally, I receive news from apps and sites like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, while also listening to podcasts like Barstool Sports and Philip DeFranco. Thousands of users of these services have found success from delivering their own content which apparently is more accepted than traditional sources. It has taken years for major companies to figure this out, and now they are turning initiatives towards these alternative outlets- especially Advertisers; however, their major problem is learning the most effective way of targeting consumers and finding the best producers to fulfill their needs. This is where Alonso comes in.

Marta has found continued success in finding outlets for companies and developing strategies to garnish loyal consumers and profits. I believe where Marta first understood the power of social media and user generated content with her creation of IGers– the Instagram account. Here thousands of users were able to connect and share stories of their passions, attracting tens of thousands with similar thought patterns. Users were even able to come together and meet locals who were connected in these groups as shown in THIS VIDEO HERE. IGers has grown in size to now being featured in over 50 cities with hundreds of thousands of followers in each account.
Marta has encouraged companies to change the way they market themselves online like the Catalonia Website. Instead of an uninspiring, confusing site, Marta has used her eye for creativity and found a more efficient, profitable, and fun way to showcase the city- using generated content of real people with their real stories.

😜🍾 Batuar Dinner  #smiletolife

Today, Alonso runs a 3 person company called CircleLine where she continues to help companies found the best way to market themselves to their target populations. When asked about the power of social media, Marta replied, “the younger generations are using these platforms to not only connect with people, but learn about the world, and their communities. The old ways of doing this are not as prevalent in their lives as the older generations once were”. While she believes Instagram is a very powerful tool to reach consumers and sell products, Facebook triumphs all. It controls Instagram, Whatsapp, and with Instant Articles coming into development, sources of news can now be accessed there.

Overall, Marta is an amazing inspiring woman. Her efforts to find her passion of creativity have never failed her yet. While there have been some bumps in the road, like many career paths, Marta has used them as lessons instead of road blocks. For business inquires you can find Marta Alonso here or through her social media accounts.
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Slime Season 3 is Finally Here

The day has come. Thugger has officially dropped SlimeSeason3, an 8 track album completing the trilogy. The album features some hard hitting tracks like With Them while still bringing it to a lower level with his song Worth it, which already has a racy music video with his hubby. While so may be turned off by the number of songs on the album- have no fear, apparently this is just a prelude to his upcoming album Hi-Tunes, stylized as Hy!£UN35. Not only do we have record coming out, Thugger announced the album with a marketing video with his upcoming tour dates. The video features Jeff (lmao his name is Jeff)- riding a horse up to a red carpet that’s laid out in front of the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. At the end of the clip, a list scrolls on the screen showing all the upcoming concerts. Unfortunately he’s not coming to Boston, but he will be in the New York area. I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but Young Thug isn’t great. By no means is he on the same lyrist level as Kanye, JayZ, Nas, Tupac, or Biggie- but the thing about Thugger is he’s got an energy that is unique in the game right now. Sometimes I listen to this shit that comes out of his mouth like, “damn, is this really his lyrics?” but I cant stop bumping to it. Nonetheless, I’m always excited for some new music, and by the rate Young Thug has been releasing it- seems like we should have new music every few months. Click here to stream SS3 & here to see the upcoming tour dates.

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Exploring Spain; An American’s Experience

Some call Spain the most beautiful country in Europe; from its Mediterranean landscape to its vibrant culture. For an American college student, living in Spain can come as a cultural shock due its its change of pace in the environment. While there is noticeable differences in everyday Spanish and Catalonian life in comparison to what American’s perceive as normal, many will embraced the differences rather than attempting to combat it. Such differences as time, rules of the house, specificity (in regards to many things like directions), personal space, tipping, and how university is set up are just few of the many things any American college student would notice. Getting adjusted to the timing of things should be more difficult to adjust to than dos besos, as it seems as if everything has been pushed ahead two hours (from meals to dancing at discotecas). The following multimedia report is a third-person account of an American student’s experience traveling through the cities of Spain; from Catalonia to the nation’s capital. How he did this was only achievable through the schooling of CEA and its Academic Integrated Cultural Activities Programs- AICAP for short.

The first two weeks of this student’s Spanish travels started in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Bouncing though historical sites sites like Montjuïc, the Gothic Quarters, and even Park Güell, to the more relaxing side of Barceloneta Beach, his eyes were open to views never seen before back in the states. In comparison to the US, monuments can date back to older moments in time- even longer than the entire history of America. The aspects of culture shock as discussed above truly gained shape. Once he was able to comprehend the differences between his native culture and his new environment, the American student felt confident in his upcoming AICAP adventures to Catalonia and beyond. His first stop was northern Catalonia to the land of three cultures; Girona. Alongside the Onyar River, the buildings are all tailored to a specific color which brings out the vibrant nature of the town. Its Muslim, Jewish, and Christian influence can be seen throughout. The narrow streets and segregated neighborhoods, like the Jewish Call streets, based on its history is what truly makes Girona remarkable. The streets of cobblestone were completely empty in this village where siestas are a commonplace. The truly breathtaking monument in the city was the Girona Cathedral, which shows its rich heritage in transitioning from a mosque to an extravagant roman-esc cathedral. The religious influence has toyed with the landscapes and architecture. What remains true, and was more outstanding than in Barcelona, is the presence of independence driven Catalonians. These unforgettable independencia flags rained from almost every window and this is something one should come to expect after learning about where the majority of pro-independence persons reside- outside the major cities.

Continuing in Catalonia was traveling through the wineries of the Penedès region and up to the top of Montserrat Mountain. Catalonia joins the likes of France with their very fine selections of wine and champagne; however, because champagne is only allowed to be made in Champagne, France- Catalonia has branded their own drink called Cava. Here one will learn how Cava is made and also how to drink it! Share cropping is common in Spain, especially in the south, and in Catalonia it is no different. After a drink of Cava and some native Calçots, the students were headed to Montserrat.  With a name derived from the literal meaning serrated mountain, the different rock formations and piles of sediment are truly breathtaking. At about four thousand feet up, one can explore the area, climb the eight stages of life, tour the famous Santa Maria Cathedral, and kissed the orb of the Black Madonna. The vast landscapes varied from what one would be used to in comparison to Barcelona city; but, the values are shared among common folk in the area. Once one travels away from Catalonia towards Spain’s capital it is becomes easier to witness the segregation among all Spaniards. For one, it is close to forbidden to call a Catalonian a Spaniard because they truly believe they are different. From the language to their historical background, Catalans feel that Spain, especially the capital of Madrid is disingenuous. Talking to locals in both areas, there seems to be a true disdain towards one another. While there are some citizens who try and look past the politics of the current situation, many people cannot let go of the independencia movement. Nonetheless, Madrid is a fantastically diverse city. After Madrid, the last AICAP adventure as heads to Valencia- home of the famous paella dish. Immediately what strikes any visitor is the sense of community, the street art, and the passion for food in the area. One more noticeable mural was that of David de Limón’s Los Ninjas which could be found on almost every street corner. He is always seen with a spray can and some sort of symbol in the middle of his chest. The weather here was perfect, partly due to its southern location on the sea. Although Valencia is outside of Catalonia, its language called Valencian is almost exactly like Catalan. Valencia is a city that has many values aligned with Catalonia. Do not forget to check out the city of arts and sciences with its beautiful architecture designed to appear like a ship and sail- oh, and of course the famous seafood paella dish served over a warm skillet of Spanish rice.

In an interview conducted inside of CEA, Juan, a CAE employee who was apart of the committee to bring AICAP to life, was asked questions in regards to culture shock of American students and the values traveling to other locations in Spain can offer. Many of Juan’s answers coincide with the differences noted above. To watch the interview, watch the video below. To any American student who plans on studying abroad to the fruitful country of Spain, there are many things one should anticipate. Cultural differences, changes in landscapes, and contrasting political ideologies. Despite this, nobody should find difficultly adjusting thanks to the personable population of Spaniards and Catalans- just make sure to not get them confused!


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The Panama Papers

In what appears to be the largest leak of all time, investigative journalists from all across the globe are putting in hours around the clock to sort through the papers. In a name that seems perfect for a movie title already, the Panama Papers are a massive collection of data from the last 40 years from leaders, politicians, and celebrities who appear to have been scheming the tax system and stashing money off shores- I know, tell us something we didn’t already think. What makes this leak both historic and important, is its incriminating proof of some of the richest people we all recognize. Some of the facts in the case: The leak, which includes over 11.5 million documents has and will reveal the rich and powerful of our generation avoiding taxation and hiding money. In all, there are 4.8 million emails, 3 million database files, and 2.1 million PDFS equaling over 2.6 TERABYTES of Data from the Panamanian law firm MOSSACK FONSECA. For those of you who dont full grasp how much data that is, look for the photo to the side- or take this into account:an average iPhone has 32GB worth of room, now imagine 32 FULL iPhones and that’s how much data has been released.

This leak has 2000x as much data as the WikiLeaks State Department Papers that were released and everyone remembers how much of a buzz that created inside and outside of American boarders. The documents which were given to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists have since been given to over 107 media organizations in over 70 countries. While the investigation is young, already 12 current and former leaders have been exposed including Putin and the Prime Minister of Iceland. While Russia is reacting in typical fashion saying “We’re totally fine, its just people trying to smear us”- Iceland Prime Minister has reacted by saying “I will not resign”; thus enraging the citizens of Iceland which can be seen via live stream of their protests. China continues to sensor the entire situation from their citizens which does not look favorable in their future. Other celebrities who have been accused include Lionel Messi & Jackie Chan.
So what exactly was the wrongdoings? Let me break it down as simply as I can. When a company makes say a million USD worth of profits in a year, they can take some of their earnings and invest it back into the company. This action not only helps the growth of the business, but is a tax-reduced incentive. The other earnings will be tax according to a countries tax rates. What these rich scumbags have been doing essentially is placing the rest of their earnings in what is called a shell corporation which does not actually exist- no workers, no products, and sometime not even a tangible building. Due to no international protocol, some corporations do not need to assign a name to the CEO field- which has now resulted in tens of years of tax evasion and overall shitty moral decisions. Didnt quite get that? Here is an explanation to a 5 year old which sums it up even better:

While the investigation is still young, many who are interested in who will be accused in this debacle have noted that no Americas have been sought out….yet. Looks like the show is just starting. This is journalism at its best, hard hitting and data driven. Time to expose these greedy bastards.

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3 Leaked Drake Tracks: Listen Here

With Views from the 6 on the horizon, fans including myself are getting wicked excited for whats in store of the highly anticipated album. Drake has been teasing his audience with social media posts and releasing samples through OVO sound radio; but the anticipation is catching up. This past weekend, 3 tracks (some seem unfinished) have leaked. Lets break it down and I’ll link you out to where to listen to each of them.

1. Controlla ft Popcaan

The track Controlla , featuring Jamaican drum beats, has Drizzy and the artist Popcaan. My favorite out of the three seems to have the best vibes, as the other two have similar slow vibes to the likes of his earlier album Take Care. Scroll down a little on THIS WEBSITE to hear the song.

2. These Days ft Babeo Baggins

The softest of the three tracks, These Days, features the up-and-coming artist Babeo Baggins. In comparison to the other songs that were leaked, this gives fans a chance to channel their inner Drake and vibe to. Again, scroll down a little on THIS WEBSITE to hear the second song, directly under Controlla.

3. Faithful ft Pimp C

The final track out of the three features vocals from the late & great MC Pimp C. Again, another taste of what we should be looking to hear from Views when that drops later this month (rumored to be April 10th?). Listen to the last track on THIS WEBSITE.


While none of these tracks seem to bump like the early release of Summer Sixteen does, its still giving me some motivation I need to get through my Monday morning. Check back here in the coming days for the latest news on any more leaks or the eventual release of Views from the 6. Pressures amounting for the 6 god to release something memorable, and like he has in the past, I’m sure he will deliver.

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Philip DeFranco; Youtube’s top Source

Looking back through the history of Youtube to its modern state, it is impossible to overlook the creative genius that is Philip DeFranco. The 30 year-old New York native started when he was just 21 in his dorm room at East Carolina University. Talking about “newsie-type stuff and things that mattered to him today” quickly resonated with audience viewers and formed what he now considers DeFranco Nation; almost 4 million subscribers. Covering topics such as viral videos, politics, sports, entertainment, and everything in between, Defranco discussed his beliefs in front of a camera for years, garnishing a heavily tight group of followers and eventually catching the attention of corporate sponsors. Discovery network, the multi-million dollar conglomerate, purchased a stake in the Defranco network and has launched it into something Defranco could never have imagined once in his dorm room. Talking at conventions like Comic-con and hosting segments during Shark Week, Philip has found a niche and has ran with it.

While he has continued to cover topics that matter to him on a daily basis through his Youtube Channel SxePhil (Monday-Thursday), he has also become a advertiser for products he enjoys or has invested interests in. When talking about advertising, many tend to think in terms of effectiveness; however, with traditional marketing becoming less effective and more expensive many sponsors have turned to other channels including DeFranco to reach targeted audiences. Evangelist consumers of the DeFranco nation have grown their trust for DeFranco and his beliefs. This level of trust is something that companies can struggle with developing, so instead of pushing it through traditional marketing campaigns, they have turned to Phil to explore their products and promote them. This garnishes sales for the company, followers for Phil, and more importantly- a steady flow of income for DeFranco which has resulted in a full time job. Through his sponsored Youtube videos and social media profiles, DeFranco has become a full time influence on both news stories and products. DeFranco himself could be considered all of these categories: Reporter, Consumer, Explorer, and a Communicator. A master marketer, a trusted influence, an entertaining reporter, a father, husband, and a beloved human being- Philip DeFranco has grown from a person with not too much, to a person with a little more. His charisma and ability to relate to much of his audience as just another guy, not a corporate voice, is exactly why he has found and continues to find success. As a consumer and voice in DeFranco Nation, he has influenced me to voice my own opinion and cover a wide range of topics- exactly what WickedMillennial is today.

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