Colbert&Eminem end up on a small local program 2015-07-02 13-36-05
– Live from Monroe, it’s … Stephen Colbert?

The future “Late Show” host warmed up for his CBS gig by guest-hosting a public access show in Monroe, Mich., with special guest Eminem.

Colbert’s first – and likely last – stint as host of “Only in Monroe” featured a sit-down interview with the rapper, whom he introduced as “a local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music.” The Detroit native gamely answered Colbert’s questions, even though the host feigned ignorance about his career. Stephen Colbert (r.) and host Eminem appeared on the Michigan public access show “Only in Monroe.”

“Are you more political or are you more booty rhymes?” he asked the rap star.

“In the middle? Right in the crack,” Eminem joked.

“That’s a steamy place to have your career,” Colbert responded.

Hilarious. This kind of material is exactly what makes me appreciate the comedic and witty style of Stephen. Cannot wait for Colbert to take the lead in November. Im hoping its a mix between the classic late night style, but twisted into the radical character of Colbert.

P.S. How about eminem with his track record of these style dialouges. Recently with the movie The Interview, coming out as a hardcore gay rapper, talking about slipping gay inuendos in his songs- couldnt be funnier. I cant tell if he’s completely in character or if he seriously is batshit insane. I guess thats what happens when you hate mommy n daddy and nod off on a horse taming amount of pills.


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