Citizen Journalism at its Finest

Well, so far this election season has been a complete shit show (to say the least) in America. As a millennial, we have grown up with “two of the worst presidents ever”, Bush and Obama. Whoever your friend is, they will take a side on that stance, but finally, with 2016 approaching we have a chance to weigh the shit in comparison to what we have grown up with. At first it was looking like either a black republican, a latino republican, TRUMP, a woman, or a Jewish socialist as the president. As time and erroneous statements have passed, it is appearing to be that the election will come down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (but thats just my guess). Throughout the campaigns, there has been an increidible amount of citizen journalism relating to rallies, protests, what the candidates have said, and what the candidates have done. Donald Trump, the Republican front runner at the moment, has said plenty of things that have upset millions of Americans and foreigners across the globe; just like Hillary. Comparing statements made now to statements made in the past seem to be a trend amongst many political commentators including Steven Colbert, Jon Oliver, and Bill Maher. Most recently, Hillary Clinton has come under fire because of a statement made at her recent rally condemning Bernie for his non-stance in Health care years back. Funny thing is, Bernie stood right behind Hillary when she was promoting Universal Health Care and again and again she chooses to ignore the truth.

How stupid is this? How stupid are the candidates that are running to control our military and country. I am twenty one years old and I feel like I could run the country better than some of these people talking in front of millions. The foreign policy issues are a complete scam, and inside our boarders dont seem to be getting much better with anyone. I guess we are just going to have to wait and see who becomes the two nominees and vote against the lesser evil. Isnt that how it always turns out anyways? The most impressive thing about this whole political process is not what the candidates have been saying, but what the citizens have been saying in response. Citizen journalism is at an all time high thanks to the creative social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Constantly we are updated what is happening in local states, and the responses of the citizens in the crowd. Anywhere from protests to peaceful gatherings, you can see everything on social networking sites. When Barack Obama took over Facebook and won the election n 2008, Democrats have not stopped using the World Wide Web to their advantage in gathering votes- especially from millennials. Europe- please dont think we are racist, sexists, or bigoted because of our candidates, look at us as your brothers and sisters trying to make the world better.

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