Thinking of standing on a rooftop? watch this video taking you into St Paddy’s Day weekend


Whether you’re planning on heading to the streets of Southie, flying over to Dublin, or just drinking in the yards at your local university- everyone needs to be careful of two things: drunken leprechauns & rooftops. I’ll admit, I have climbed a house or two in my St Paddys Day career. Never has one of these roofs been occupied with 30+ drunkards, stomping around shouting all sorts of heinous shit. Crazy video re-posted by Barstool Sports, not really sure exactly where this is coming out of. Friendly PSA for those who plan on celebrating their Irish heritage of blacking out and mumbling, do so responsibly this Paddy’s Day. Also, for those who have not realized yet, it’s “Saint Paddy’s Day” not “Saint Patty’s Day”- dump the T’s for the boys.

To that second point- drunken leprechauns, stay away from them. These could be anything from plastered white girls crying about nothing, to those classic no-necked dudes with the tats & the white tee yelling at every inanimate object for a fight. Nobody likes these people. Don’t be these people. If on the off chance you run into an actual leprechaun, hopefully its the one from the Lucky Charms commercials, not the one Wayne imitates:

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