Marta Alonso; Redefining Modern Marketing

Martha Alonso
Likewise with men, there are many women in this world that find a profession, become proficient, and pursue a successful career; however, there a select few that redefine what a profession is by becoming an entrepreneur. Marta Alonso is a woman from Spain who I would clarify as redefining. From the beginning, Marta has chosen her own path to success- bouncing from positions and companies to pave her own path. Starting at small marketing firms eventually becoming employed at one of the largest with HP, to creating massively viral social media accounts- Alonso now is the owner of a marketing management team of only 3 with renowned success.

In today’s day and age, changes to the marketplace occur every year, if not every couple of months. Just in the last ten years, there has been a massive switch from the traditional style of entertainment and news consumption; changing from predominant medium television to the now highly connected mobile world of today. While the younger generations are more in tune with this switch than that of older generations, everyday more and more adults are learning of new forms of technology and what can be accessed with them. Not only is the usage of mobile data growing, but what is viewed is shaking up many industries including the entertainment business, news networks, sporting clubs, and especially advertisers who market through each of these pathways. Instead of watching mainstream films, or listening to networks delivering bias news presentations- consumers are beginning to receive their content through other means, means which they prefer and can relate to; other citizens creating user-generated content.

Personally, I receive news from apps and sites like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, while also listening to podcasts like Barstool Sports and Philip DeFranco. Thousands of users of these services have found success from delivering their own content which apparently is more accepted than traditional sources. It has taken years for major companies to figure this out, and now they are turning initiatives towards these alternative outlets- especially Advertisers; however, their major problem is learning the most effective way of targeting consumers and finding the best producers to fulfill their needs. This is where Alonso comes in.

Marta has found continued success in finding outlets for companies and developing strategies to garnish loyal consumers and profits. I believe where Marta first understood the power of social media and user generated content with her creation of IGers– the Instagram account. Here thousands of users were able to connect and share stories of their passions, attracting tens of thousands with similar thought patterns. Users were even able to come together and meet locals who were connected in these groups as shown in THIS VIDEO HERE. IGers has grown in size to now being featured in over 50 cities with hundreds of thousands of followers in each account.
Marta has encouraged companies to change the way they market themselves online like the Catalonia Website. Instead of an uninspiring, confusing site, Marta has used her eye for creativity and found a more efficient, profitable, and fun way to showcase the city- using generated content of real people with their real stories.

😜🍾 Batuar Dinner  #smiletolife

Today, Alonso runs a 3 person company called CircleLine where she continues to help companies found the best way to market themselves to their target populations. When asked about the power of social media, Marta replied, “the younger generations are using these platforms to not only connect with people, but learn about the world, and their communities. The old ways of doing this are not as prevalent in their lives as the older generations once were”. While she believes Instagram is a very powerful tool to reach consumers and sell products, Facebook triumphs all. It controls Instagram, Whatsapp, and with Instant Articles coming into development, sources of news can now be accessed there.

Overall, Marta is an amazing inspiring woman. Her efforts to find her passion of creativity have never failed her yet. While there have been some bumps in the road, like many career paths, Marta has used them as lessons instead of road blocks. For business inquires you can find Marta Alonso here or through her social media accounts.
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