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First Installment of: IS IT RACIST?!

Lets get our first installment of IS IT RACIST going. This will probably be an easy weekly blog because it seems like everyday now someone says or does something stupid- and you KNOW that someone out there is gonna get pissed off.

Here we have a our first candidate, a simple man who just wants to voice his sound opinion- alright. Starts off pretty angered that people are taking away his beloved rebel flag away, which is technically illegal, but Im guessing he’s talking about other companies and state houses making the decision to pull them from their stock, which is legal. Then he jumps into the always appropriate ‘you-all’ before saying that anything that supports the past and present culture, progression, and memorial of Afro-Americans should be completely removed- you know a level field because ‘whites dont get no history month or nufin’.

Right after a black man comments ‘wow’, this dude takes a step back, digs his feet in the sand, and butters him up (youre one of the greatest black men) before laying down some more truly philosophical shit. Starting the next comment by saying “im not racist..but..’ almost ALWAYS ends up being something racist. Dude goes off saying something about any and all minorities getting recognition and whites not getting enough. I mean, anything to really say more?

Silly arguments, Silly man, is it racist? YUP.

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