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Slime Season 3 is Finally Here

The day has come. Thugger has officially dropped SlimeSeason3, an 8 track album completing the trilogy. The album features some hard hitting tracks like With Them while still bringing it to a lower level with his song Worth it, which already has a racy music video with his hubby. While so may be turned off by the number of songs on the album- have no fear, apparently this is just a prelude to his upcoming album Hi-Tunes, stylized as Hy!£UN35. Not only do we have record coming out, Thugger announced the album with a marketing video with his upcoming tour dates. The video features Jeff (lmao his name is Jeff)- riding a horse up to a red carpet that’s laid out in front of the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. At the end of the clip, a list scrolls on the screen showing all the upcoming concerts. Unfortunately he’s not coming to Boston, but he will be in the New York area. I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but Young Thug isn’t great. By no means is he on the same lyrist level as Kanye, JayZ, Nas, Tupac, or Biggie- but the thing about Thugger is he’s got an energy that is unique in the game right now. Sometimes I listen to this shit that comes out of his mouth like, “damn, is this really his lyrics?” but I cant stop bumping to it. Nonetheless, I’m always excited for some new music, and by the rate Young Thug has been releasing it- seems like we should have new music every few months. Click here to stream SS3 & here to see the upcoming tour dates.

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3 Leaked Drake Tracks: Listen Here

With Views from the 6 on the horizon, fans including myself are getting wicked excited for whats in store of the highly anticipated album. Drake has been teasing his audience with social media posts and releasing samples through OVO sound radio; but the anticipation is catching up. This past weekend, 3 tracks (some seem unfinished) have leaked. Lets break it down and I’ll link you out to where to listen to each of them.

1. Controlla ft Popcaan

The track Controlla , featuring Jamaican drum beats, has Drizzy and the artist Popcaan. My favorite out of the three seems to have the best vibes, as the other two have similar slow vibes to the likes of his earlier album Take Care. Scroll down a little on THIS WEBSITE to hear the song.

2. These Days ft Babeo Baggins

The softest of the three tracks, These Days, features the up-and-coming artist Babeo Baggins. In comparison to the other songs that were leaked, this gives fans a chance to channel their inner Drake and vibe to. Again, scroll down a little on THIS WEBSITE to hear the second song, directly under Controlla.

3. Faithful ft Pimp C

The final track out of the three features vocals from the late & great MC Pimp C. Again, another taste of what we should be looking to hear from Views when that drops later this month (rumored to be April 10th?). Listen to the last track on THIS WEBSITE.


While none of these tracks seem to bump like the early release of Summer Sixteen does, its still giving me some motivation I need to get through my Monday morning. Check back here in the coming days for the latest news on any more leaks or the eventual release of Views from the 6. Pressures amounting for the 6 god to release something memorable, and like he has in the past, I’m sure he will deliver.

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New Album & Summer Tour for Blink-182

In a pair of new interviews from the 2016 Musink Music Festival, drummer Travis Barker has confirmed that the new Blink-182 album is finished, and that fans could expect a new single within the next two months, along with a summer tour, which is set to be announced within the next six weeks.

On working with producer John Feldmann, Barker said that it felt similar to working with the band’s long-time producer Jerry Finn, who died in 2008.

“We never worked with a producer outside of Jerry Finn,” Barker said, “so when we got in to record this album, I somehow got back in touch with John and then he was like ‘man, we gotta catch up and have lunch or dinner’, and then we did, and then I was like ‘you should be working on the Blink album’, and literally the next day we were in the studio, and it has been a crazy three and a half or four weeks.”

In the studio, the band scrapped all of the 16 originally written songs and started fresh on a new batch that Barker described as “the best material we’ve written or put out in years”. Barker elaborated that the band worked 15-20 hour days during the recording process.

This is awesome. I understand its been like 20 years since the bands initial releases, but I doubt the flame is out in any of these guys. I’m not a diehard fan by any means so the album has me excited, but the summer tour sounds the most enticing. Yeah they’ll include a few of their new songs in their setlist to sell the album, but other than that the concert could be a top event this summer. Summer 09, freshmen year seeing Blink for their reunion tour at the Comcast Center– still to this day one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Sneaking in with crowds of people, absolutely pouring rain, people mud sliding down the lawn, making out, and listening to Blink just putting on an electric show. I remember everyone’s phones ended up soaked and their clothes ruined but no one cared- partly because iphones weren’t a thing and everyone’s EnV’s were shiting the bed anyways. Tour dates come out in a couple weeks and the album should drop in a couple months… stay posted!

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Kendrick Lamar drops new project “Untitled Unmastered”

'untitled unmastered.'

Complex-Earlier this week, TDE’s CEO Top Dawg announced that one of the label’s artists would be dropping an album sometime this week as a surprise. Many suspected it would be from SZA or Isaiah Rashad, as Top Dawg recently noted that their albums were nearing completion. Earlier tonight however, a project called “untitled. unmastered.” popped up on Spotify under Kendrick Lamar’s name. As it turned out, this was the surprise project that he was referring to, and Kendrick unleashed it.


Don’t like it; LOVE IT. Kendrick Lamar is easily one of greatest artists of our generation. No nod, no hype- just casually releasing 8 tracks (all of which have no names) for everyone to bounce too. What’s crazy is that apparently on “Untitled 07“,  Swizz Beatz’s son Egypt actually produced some of the track. Kid’s only 5 years old?  Haven’t listened to it all but from what I’ve hear so far, its gonna some serious shit to jive to. You can listen to it here on Spotify, or download it through iTunes here. Enjoy some new K-dot.

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This week in Rap&HipHop

Over the last seven days, numerous artists in the Rap&HipHop game have dropped singles, albums, and mixtapes. Here’s who released what and how to listen to it.

Let’s start off with the random-release single that dropped just last night. That of course is Beyonce’s FORMATION which was released on her own website With a full 5 minute music video to compliment the song, Yonce’s new track has heads double-taking and wondering if an album is due to drop. After her 2014 self-titled album Beyonce, I along with the rest of the public is ready for more of Queen B. See below to watch the explicit video.


Next up we have Drake premiering his first single off his upcoming album Views from the 6. Taking some shots at the President and Kanye’s pool, this track has heat thats getting fans excited for the April slotted release. Again, check the video below to here it (not officially from OVO):


Now for the albums and mixtapes that have dropped we have:
Badgalriri’s ANTI
Future’s EVOL
Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa
and Young Thug’s I’m UP. 

Rihanna - Anti.png

Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI has already dethroned Adele’s 25 for number one album. From typical bangers we’ve come to expect like Consideration ft SZA and Work ft Drake, to deep blues vocals in songs like Love on the Brain, RiRi has plenty of music for fans to be getting into. Overall, this album delivers with different vibes every track. I highly recommend a listen through. Along with the album, Rihanna has released a series of videos she calls the ANTI DiaRy which features plenty of occult images, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Listen to ANTI here on apple music.


EVOL by Future cover.jpg

Future, who has already dropped 6 records in under a year just released EVOL, only a month after dropping Purple Reign. Fans should expect to hear the same sound from Future featuring beats from ATL producers like Metro Boomin and DJ ESCO. With more mixtapes and albums in store for this year, be ready to be catching the latest wave month by month. Download EVOL here on apple music.


Next up we have a quick mixtape name change from Young Thug. What was slated to be Slime Season 3 quickly turned into a 9 track mixtape called I’m UP featuring heavy singles previously released like Hercules and F Cancer. Thugger seems to be dropping tracks almost as fast as anyone in the game right now- and I dont hate it. Anyone can stream it and listen to it through this soundcloud playlist.


KhalifaFinally, we have Wiz Khalifa dropping his self-titled album Khalifa. The 13 track album should serve fans a small taste before Khalifa plans on dropping Rolling Papers 2 later this year. By the way, honorable mentions include 2 Chainz 6 track EP Felt Like Cappin which has some heat with MF’N Right and Not Invited, and Meek Mill’s 4/4 EP Part 1 and Part 2 which features another Drake diss track War Pain, because Meek can’t think of another way to save his career.  With albums from Kanye & Frank Ocean dropping soon, don’t fall behind now.

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Music Feature of the Day: RIKSTAL 

Need some new shit to bump too? UMass
Amherst’s own RikStal has been producing his own music for years. Check em out, support local skulls.

His Latest LP GOOD•ERA: