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TOP 3: Barstool Podcasts


BarstoolBarstoolSports has become a powerhouse. A site where readers can not only learn about the latest and greatest with an authentic POV, but now can hear about it on the go (besides KFC who has been doing this for years). The recent presence of podcasts has become a major key for the success of Barstool and I am all for it. We got some great minds coming together like PFTcommenter and BigCat, ElPresidente with stoolies, and KFC with his legacy callers. Overall, after being acquired by CherninGroup, Barstool is now dominating the podcast game like nobody has seen before. With the names above, one might be wondering- Spence? Which show is the best to listen to? I got you covered. Bringing back the TOP 3- this week we have the TOP 3 podcasts of Barstool and why they rank where they do- LETS RUN IT.

#3 KFCRadio
Unfortunately for KFC-  the longest tenured veteran in the podcast game comes in at 3rd place. Yeah he might have the best interview style, rules, and experience… but something about being in NY makes it not as great. This past weeks interview with the First Lady deffinitly brought him some noise, but not enough to break the top 2.


#2 Pardon my Take

BigCat & PFTCommenter come in at the number 2 spot. So far I have throughly enjoyed their podcasts featuring guests from Frank Kaminsky to Mr. Portnoy for legal advice. They have segments, topics, segment-topics, and everything inbetween. My highlights from each episode include the spoilers of the week (hilarious), questions you dont need to answer but I am going to ask anyways, and the Jimbo’s of the week- real funny stuff. Very close to topping the list at number 1, but I think there is something about the size of their brains that in comparison to the top choice just doesnt cut it.

#1 The Blogfather

Pure comedic genius. If only I could come up with such brilliance maybe I would be living in a Nantucket mansion instead of posting small time blogs with no viewers. I think it may be the size of my brain, or maybe its the level of excuses I make. Davey Pageviews deliverers yet again for an hour each week of unforgettable listening. In Pres we trust.

These 3, while ranked in order of the best content, are fantastic programs. Each and everyone delivers unforgettable content thats a true disservice if left unlistened by anyone. I dont care if you’re a refugee coming across boarders through months of hardship, or even someone who was offended by Curt Schillings post- you must find the time to tune in, especially with the deals from MyUndies and Leesa Mattresses….mattresses mattresses mattresses. Well now its my turn: lets tune into my excuse of a good podcast talking about the Red Sox and how well they have performed after their homestand.



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TOP 3: 2016 Political Social Media Posts


As many of us know by now, Political campaigns have drastically changed since their original format of the past- largely in part by the development of the world wide web and social media. Starting with Barack Obama’s Hope driven campaign in 2008, political strategists have not looked back to the old tactics of gathering votes. What Obama was able to accomplish not once but twice in different elections prove to not only be impactful, but proven paths to the oval office. This year is no different. Looking at Bernie Sanders campaign, full of young activists running social media accounts, it truly is reminiscent of Obama’s strategy. Here, the mantra is “This is YOUR campaign”, encouraging individuals to lobby for Bernie to get to the outcome they want (wow Bernie supporters actually doing something to get something they want!). One of my favorite viral videos Sanders created to gather votes in the south, especially among the black demographic, was a video with Eric Gardner’s mother talking why Bernie was right for the community.
Hillary Clinton has also directed her campaign heavily with social media influence. On her website, as well as many of her political posters will read the line “I’m With Her”. Hillary, as well as Bernie, both are creating amazing viral videos which are touching millions of supporters and garnishing votes. Clinton is also ahead of her rival with almost 3x as many followers as Bernie Sanders. However, nobody on the democratic party has trumped the Donald.Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump has ran a campaign like nothing anybody has seen before. Moment after moment has unfolded and still Americans are shocked to hear what Donald is saying. While some analysts believe that a few of his comments are hurting his chances in the long run, others are asserting that nothing Trump can say will hurt him- its almost like a snowball rolling down a hill that gets larger and larger. It seems the more out of bounds Trump seems to go, the more traffic he receives. Currently, he has the most followers out of the looney-bunch and the montra Make America Great Again seems to only be ringing more true in the minds of Americans. While the political season has been hilariously scary to watch, the social media campaigns are nothing new. What is new, and I believe is something we have never witnessed in this amount, is the user-generated political satire. Starting with the Trump people getting at other GOP candidates all the way to Black Twitter hashing it out against the liberals- its been fantastic to watch. With so much content that comes out each day, I decided to bring back the TOP 3 and showcase my top three user generated content that has gone viral. RUN IT:

#3 Hillary Clinton Barks with the Baha Men

Hillary Clinton- why are you barking. I know the context, but why are you barking. If you’re gonna bark (which you shouldn’t) at least make it legit. Now you’re stuck with a horrible gif of you barking like a chiwawa and people making videos of you barking alongside the Baha Men. Only question left to ask is WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

#2 Bernie VS Hillary Memes

There are so many and honestly they haven’t gotten un-funny yet. Poking fun at Hillary by comparing her to the ‘hip-n-cool’ Bernie with thousands of references, comedy gold. I’ve read some PC police getting all hot and bothered about the jokes directed towards Hillary and its honestly pathetic. Its political satire, get over it. By the way, if anyone does’t understand the Fight Club Issue- stop reading WickedMillennial.

#1 Trump-Effect Trailer

Coming in at number 1 is the Trump Effect trailer. This is pure gold and other candidates should realize that this is the only surefire way of getting to the presidency. A mix of explosions, some street fear, soundbites of some homie shoutouts, and a killer voiceover- what more can a Trump Supporter voter ask for? Of course when Trump stumbled upon this video he had to instantly retweet this thing and show it off. Thanks to this video, The Donald probably got another hundred thousands voters for the November showdown. I have a feeling, a crazy feeling that one day….Donald… will make America Great Again.

Honorable Mention: Hillary Clinton Dab Vines courtesy of Black Twitter

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TOP 3: Superbowl 50 Ads


Here we are back with the TOP 3, this time around it’s Superbowl ads. As most of us know by now, the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in Superbowl 50. While many vegas goers heavily favored the Panthers to come out on top, it was actually the Broncos (defense) who stole the show. This year did not come close to the hype nor the amount of viewers of last years Superbowl between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks- mainly because the GOAT Tom Brady didn’t play… but hey, that’s my opinion. Nielsen, the infamous ratings collector, has reported that 49% of American TV’s tuned into the game this year. Many football fans were disappointed in the overall pace of the game most likely because Denver lead throughout. What also let down viewers of SB50 were the ads, which usually draw in outside crowds to screens; however, I am here to let you know the TOP 3 ads amongst all the junk. Lets run it:

NUMBER 3: Amazon’s #AskAlexa

While this Advertisement was not the funniest through and through, the hook was when Dan Marino enters Baldwins “Baldwin Stadium” filled with all sorts of food- including breaded wings. Marino hates on Baldwin for this wing of choice and Baldwin fires back asking Alexa how many championships Marino’s won with Alexa replying, “Dan Marino has won zero championships”. Laugh out loud funny, perfect execution. Overall, not the greatest commercial, but showing off Amazon’s innovative Echo device while making fun of QBs some consider better than TB12 is good enough to make it into my TOP 3.

NUMBER 2: The #BudLightParty

Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer team up as political candidates to promote the #BudLightParty. With political fever rampant in America, this serves as a perfect mockery of how crazy some ads and promises are. Shouting lines like, “We got the biggest caucasus in the country!” and reiterating President Thomas Whitmore’s classic speech from Independence Day. Great duo, Great commercial.


Ahhh Stevey you done it again. What a comeback since this year’s Miss Universe blunder. While nobody besides the entire country of Columbia actually cared about the mistake, you still found ways to make up for it. Now with this TMobile commercial not only making fun of yourself, but sending shots Verizons way- I think you done nailed it. I really appreciate someone who can come back after making a mistake and make fun of yourself for it. Kudos to you Stevey.

Honorable Mentions: TMobiles #YouGotCarriered featuring Drake, Doritos #CrashTheSuperbowl ultrasound mishap, and Mountain Dews hypnotic #PuppyMonkeyBaby




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top 3 worst moves this 4th weekend


For all the fun America had this weekend, it was only a matter of time before we all heard the “wow why’d I do that” stories. Without hesitation- lets get into our first top 3: WORST 4th of JULY MOVES.

Coming in at #3:

Not bad. Pretty stupid but hey, at least the re-re’s had a helmet on so they get the 3 spot.

#2 Man says “fuck those alligators” before jumping into a bayou and immedietly eaten by alligators:

GC – This weekend, a man in Texas decided to jump in the waters of the bayou and go for a late night swim after drinking heavily at a bar. The only problem? That stretch of water was known to be home to giant alligators. I know what you’re thinking: How could he have known that? Well, his friends warned him and there were giant signs posted that said “No Swimming. Alligators.” But what did our hero do? Well, let’s go to CNN for his decision making process:

He said ‘blank the alligators’ and jumped in to the water and almost immediately yelled for help,” [Orange County Justice of the Peace Rodney Price] said.

Well this move is so bad you almost have to respect it. If your gonna go out fighting against alligators the go to line would have to be “fuck those alligators”. Ballsy. RIP.

#1 spot goes to a New England man with the audacity to shoot a firework off his own skull:

CALAIS, Maine (AP) — A 22-year-old man who was drinking and celebrating the Fourth of July tried to launch a firework off the top of his head, killing him instantly, authorities said Sunday. Devon Staples and his friends had been drinking and setting off fireworks Saturday night in the backyard of a friend’s home in eastern Maine, said Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety.

Staples, 22, of Calais, a small city on the Canadian border, placed a reloadable fireworks mortar tube on his head and told his friends he was going to light it, McCausland said. But his friends urged him to stop. “Apparently, he thought that was a great idea,” McCausland said. “His friends they thought dissuaded him from doing it, and the next thing they knew, he ignited the fireworks and he was killed instantly.”

Rule #1 make sure you breathe or you will die.

Rule #2 dont lite fireworks off your head or you will die.

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