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TOP 3: Barstool Podcasts


BarstoolBarstoolSports has become a powerhouse. A site where readers can not only learn about the latest and greatest with an authentic POV, but now can hear about it on the go (besides KFC who has been doing this for years). The recent presence of podcasts has become a major key for the success of Barstool and I am all for it. We got some great minds coming together like PFTcommenter and BigCat, ElPresidente with stoolies, and KFC with his legacy callers. Overall, after being acquired by CherninGroup, Barstool is now dominating the podcast game like nobody has seen before. With the names above, one might be wondering- Spence? Which show is the best to listen to? I got you covered. Bringing back the TOP 3- this week we have the TOP 3 podcasts of Barstool and why they rank where they do- LETS RUN IT.

#3 KFCRadio
Unfortunately for KFC-  the longest tenured veteran in the podcast game comes in at 3rd place. Yeah he might have the best interview style, rules, and experience… but something about being in NY makes it not as great. This past weeks interview with the First Lady deffinitly brought him some noise, but not enough to break the top 2.


#2 Pardon my Take

BigCat & PFTCommenter come in at the number 2 spot. So far I have throughly enjoyed their podcasts featuring guests from Frank Kaminsky to Mr. Portnoy for legal advice. They have segments, topics, segment-topics, and everything inbetween. My highlights from each episode include the spoilers of the week (hilarious), questions you dont need to answer but I am going to ask anyways, and the Jimbo’s of the week- real funny stuff. Very close to topping the list at number 1, but I think there is something about the size of their brains that in comparison to the top choice just doesnt cut it.

#1 The Blogfather

Pure comedic genius. If only I could come up with such brilliance maybe I would be living in a Nantucket mansion instead of posting small time blogs with no viewers. I think it may be the size of my brain, or maybe its the level of excuses I make. Davey Pageviews deliverers yet again for an hour each week of unforgettable listening. In Pres we trust.

These 3, while ranked in order of the best content, are fantastic programs. Each and everyone delivers unforgettable content thats a true disservice if left unlistened by anyone. I dont care if you’re a refugee coming across boarders through months of hardship, or even someone who was offended by Curt Schillings post- you must find the time to tune in, especially with the deals from MyUndies and Leesa Mattresses….mattresses mattresses mattresses. Well now its my turn: lets tune into my excuse of a good podcast talking about the Red Sox and how well they have performed after their homestand.



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Barstool Sports Purchased by Chernin Group


What started out as a small time fantasy sports newspaper in Massachusetts, Barstool Sports, a popular online blog has now been sold to the media conglomerate The Chernin Group for an estimated $15million dollars.

In a video press conference released by the site, David Portnoy (the creator of the newspaper referred to by his readers as ‘El Presidente’), still retains,”complete and total creative control” but is no longer the majority owner of the company. Portnoy, who started distributing tangible newspapers door to door and at the entrance of South Station in Boston, has transformed the company over the last ten years into a highly visited, highly profitable website which touts over 5 million readers monthly. The content and overall scope of the company has moved on from its earlier days of fantasy sports to covering current events pertaining to sports, entertainment, politics, and other viral occurrences. Traditionally, Boston was the major market for Barstool, but now New York, hosted by Kevin Clancy (KFC), and Chicago, hosted by Dan Katz (Big Cat), are gaining active readers as well.

Portnoy has promised the fan base that although there is major changes to the ownership, that the content will stay true to what it has been in prior years. He granted readers a chance to propose questions about the acquisition through a reddit server.

As an active reader of the website and a potential intern in the future, I am on the side that this is a great decision made by the team. This acquisition allows the company to be bigger, better, faster, and more connected on a daily basis. Their daily rundowns, which covers the most important topics of the day, frequently suffer from connection issues and other annoyances that truly deter from the viewer’s experience. With their location being changed and centrally located in Manhattan, the team will now be able to brainstorm ideas with one another to bring greater content to the stoolie nation.

While some stoolies are irked by the recent purchase, describing Portnoy’s decision as, “selling out”, I firmly believe that this is not that moment. Others believe that this will change what many have grown to love about the site; the attitude. What has made me come back everyday to view content is not necessarily the information I am taking in, but more importantly is the voice of the writers. They are relatable, true to their beliefs, and never afraid to voice their opinion. When larger networks tame voices of journalists, Barstool encourages its staff to be as gritty and human as they can be. I am excited to see what is in store for the brand, and I am here to tell stoolies- have no fear, elpresidente knows what is best for us. VIVA LA STOOL!


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