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TOP 3: 2016 Political Social Media Posts


As many of us know by now, Political campaigns have drastically changed since their original format of the past- largely in part by the development of the world wide web and social media. Starting with Barack Obama’s Hope driven campaign in 2008, political strategists have not looked back to the old tactics of gathering votes. What Obama was able to accomplish not once but twice in different elections prove to not only be impactful, but proven paths to the oval office. This year is no different. Looking at Bernie Sanders campaign, full of young activists running social media accounts, it truly is reminiscent of Obama’s strategy. Here, the mantra is “This is YOUR campaign”, encouraging individuals to lobby for Bernie to get to the outcome they want (wow Bernie supporters actually doing something to get something they want!). One of my favorite viral videos Sanders created to gather votes in the south, especially among the black demographic, was a video with Eric Gardner’s mother talking why Bernie was right for the community.
Hillary Clinton has also directed her campaign heavily with social media influence. On her website, as well as many of her political posters will read the line “I’m With Her”. Hillary, as well as Bernie, both are creating amazing viral videos which are touching millions of supporters and garnishing votes. Clinton is also ahead of her rival with almost 3x as many followers as Bernie Sanders. However, nobody on the democratic party has trumped the Donald.Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump has ran a campaign like nothing anybody has seen before. Moment after moment has unfolded and still Americans are shocked to hear what Donald is saying. While some analysts believe that a few of his comments are hurting his chances in the long run, others are asserting that nothing Trump can say will hurt him- its almost like a snowball rolling down a hill that gets larger and larger. It seems the more out of bounds Trump seems to go, the more traffic he receives. Currently, he has the most followers out of the looney-bunch and the montra Make America Great Again seems to only be ringing more true in the minds of Americans. While the political season has been hilariously scary to watch, the social media campaigns are nothing new. What is new, and I believe is something we have never witnessed in this amount, is the user-generated political satire. Starting with the Trump people getting at other GOP candidates all the way to Black Twitter hashing it out against the liberals- its been fantastic to watch. With so much content that comes out each day, I decided to bring back the TOP 3 and showcase my top three user generated content that has gone viral. RUN IT:

#3 Hillary Clinton Barks with the Baha Men

Hillary Clinton- why are you barking. I know the context, but why are you barking. If you’re gonna bark (which you shouldn’t) at least make it legit. Now you’re stuck with a horrible gif of you barking like a chiwawa and people making videos of you barking alongside the Baha Men. Only question left to ask is WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

#2 Bernie VS Hillary Memes

There are so many and honestly they haven’t gotten un-funny yet. Poking fun at Hillary by comparing her to the ‘hip-n-cool’ Bernie with thousands of references, comedy gold. I’ve read some PC police getting all hot and bothered about the jokes directed towards Hillary and its honestly pathetic. Its political satire, get over it. By the way, if anyone does’t understand the Fight Club Issue- stop reading WickedMillennial.

#1 Trump-Effect Trailer

Coming in at number 1 is the Trump Effect trailer. This is pure gold and other candidates should realize that this is the only surefire way of getting to the presidency. A mix of explosions, some street fear, soundbites of some homie shoutouts, and a killer voiceover- what more can a Trump Supporter voter ask for? Of course when Trump stumbled upon this video he had to instantly retweet this thing and show it off. Thanks to this video, The Donald probably got another hundred thousands voters for the November showdown. I have a feeling, a crazy feeling that one day….Donald… will make America Great Again.

Honorable Mention: Hillary Clinton Dab Vines courtesy of Black Twitter

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