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Milo The Cat; A story not for the faint of heart

Now that’s some real terrifying shit right there. Its kinda like watching a car crash; you know its bad but you cant turn away. Starts off so innocent- just a couple of teeniebopers in front of a webcam (probably surfing chat roulette getting their first experience of the horrors online) until Milo decides to fuck around with the lamp. This is why I am a BIG dog person. Dogs are loyal, fun, and wont get electrocuted unless theyre running across the invisible fence over and over again- just easy, dumb, simple fun. Cats on the other hand just fuck around. They dont love you, theyre always walking over and climbing shit, ripping up the furniture, and breaking lightbulbs til the point of execution. Can’t help but laugh watching the reaction of the girls the second time around. Clearly in shock from what they are seeing and hearing, so the best course of action is to shake the lamp around hoping the cat dislodges from socket- absolutely hilarious. Dark humor is the best humor, gotta use it to get through the toughest in life; thats my word of advice.

Well you know how they say cats have 9 lives, well lucky for Milo and those with a faint heart, the cat is alright… apparently by this post. So now we can all rest out heavy hearts with the knowledge that little Milo is gonna be alright, just another day another live.

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