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Everyone’s geekin-out over this photo of Mark Zuckerberg

What some are calling an allegory of our future, the photo taken above has the internet in a firenze. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is depicted walking past an oblivious audience who has just been shown Samsung’s new Gear VR. This is no random event; it is the Mobile World Conference. MWC is an exhibition that happens once a year right here in Barcelona, Spain. To summarize, its basically an event for the biggest tech/mobile companies in the world to showcase what products they have lined up. What is making the event more important each year is the growing population of people who have smartphones and their presence on social media-most notably Facebook who just hit over a billion users at the end of last year. It’s said that there are more people in the world that own a smart phone than a toothbrush… but you know how statistics go, 70% of the time they’re right all the time.

So here we see Zuckerberg, walking down the aisle with his shit-eating grin, seeming as if he is satisfied with the hundreds of people all wired in like they’re in the matrix. You can just picture him scheming, rubbing his hands together, laughing maniacally like he finally figured out a way to completely remove people from reality. As if Facebook wasn’t already enough of a distraction from realitythere’s finally a way to bring them even closer to the edge- virtual reality. Allegory of our future; a world where all the rich bastards can jog around the Sagrada Familia and the rest of us can sit in a room and imagine it… scary stuff, huh? Now don’t go grabbing your tin-foil helmets screaming that we’re gonna turn out like the mindless fat people in Wall-E just yet, I think we’ll be okay. Obviously any warning won’t stop the internet from over-reacting. Some reactions have been just as you’d expect- pessimistic; while others have turned to humor to recreate the scene in hilarious fashion (mine being the Travolta Pulp Fiction scene).

Honestly, with the changes Facebook has been making as of late (especially in the field of journalism) it’s interesting to think about just where we are going with Facebook and how much it connects us with one another. Adding in new features like Reactions to bring more realism to the like button, to its addition of Instant ArticlesFacebook is clearly trying to extend its reach into every aspect of our lives as it can. These additions now allow journalists to gage exactly how people are feeling based on a breaking story. In the past, users have complained that when a tragic story breaks, they do not want to ‘like’ it. With reactions, anyone can showcase how they are feeling while the post will continue to gain traffic. Instant articles is following in the likes of Snapchat’s Discovery page, creating an interactive, visual, and easy to use platform for people to read into the news. Facebook is now taking over where you connect with friends, share your experiences, and now read your news. As of today, our electronic footprint and personal data is larger than ever and Facebook knows how to get the most of it out of us. This has both users nervous, and advertising companies salivating.


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First Installment of: IS IT RACIST?!

Lets get our first installment of IS IT RACIST going. This will probably be an easy weekly blog because it seems like everyday now someone says or does something stupid- and you KNOW that someone out there is gonna get pissed off.

Here we have a our first candidate, a simple man who just wants to voice his sound opinion- alright. Starts off pretty angered that people are taking away his beloved rebel flag away, which is technically illegal, but Im guessing he’s talking about other companies and state houses making the decision to pull them from their stock, which is legal. Then he jumps into the always appropriate ‘you-all’ before saying that anything that supports the past and present culture, progression, and memorial of Afro-Americans should be completely removed- you know a level field because ‘whites dont get no history month or nufin’.

Right after a black man comments ‘wow’, this dude takes a step back, digs his feet in the sand, and butters him up (youre one of the greatest black men) before laying down some more truly philosophical shit. Starting the next comment by saying “im not racist..but..’ almost ALWAYS ends up being something racist. Dude goes off saying something about any and all minorities getting recognition and whites not getting enough. I mean, anything to really say more?

Silly arguments, Silly man, is it racist? YUP.

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