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fireworks exploding everything, this is your 4th of July weekend recap

Not sure of the background behind this vine, but I bet the dude who set it off wishes he could call a mulligan on this one- and how funny is that little jingle before the explosion- couldn’t be more on point. Just tryna create some fun for the neighborhood and BOOM, all of a sudden you got a million cars going off and a bunch of blue suits heading in your direction. Sounds familiar to anybody else’s weekend?

PS- 508 did it for America this weekend. 100+ kids, $50 worth of bottle/can deposits, a bunch of Bubba Burgers, 2 broken doors, a photographic neighbor, one shirtless chirping neighbor, a 6hour cleanup, a couple dropped charges, and a $900 fine. All we’ve ever know is how to send it. Metaphorically lighting fireworks in our paths and watching the shit show unravel. Sent? ✔️
PPS- Thinking we should start a gofundme or a lemonade stand on our street to pay for it. Too much asking the neighbors that called the popo in the first place to pay for it indirectly? So ballsy it just might work…

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