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Iwo Jima ‘re-gayed’: What do you think?

Trove– At left, the iconic photograph of the 1945 flag-raising by Marines on Iwo Jima. At right, a gay pride adaptation of the original image that has gone viral in recent days, 15 years after it was published. (Original image by Joe Rosenthal/The Associated Press. Second image by Ed Freeman/ Getty Images.)

More than a decade ago, photographer Ed Freeman set out to capture the gay rights struggle in a photograph for the cover of Frontiers, a gay magazine. To do so, he relied on an image — the flag-raising at Iwo Jima — that has been imitated and adapted countless times since it was captured in the midst of one of America’s bloodiest battles.

Freeman found that out the hard way last week. More than a decade after his adaptation of the photograph was published, it circulated on social media following the Supreme Court’s decision Friday to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states. That prompted a backlash against Freeman — including a death threat he says he reported to the FBI. “He said if he ever saw me, he’d kill me,” Freeman said in a phone interview. “I got swamped with vitriolic hate mail.”

The Iconic flag raising image from Iwo Jima has recently been remade… or in this case.. ‘re-gayed’ ! Its art. art has a way with things. I’ve actually redone this photo and made the soldiers hoisting a mcdonalds banner instead of posting a flag. The thing with this image is the power behind a bunch of men hoisting a symbol that represents X. It will go down as one of the most powerful photos ever taken in American history, but that doesnt give it the right to be left untouched. Its now a powerful tool to recreate it in a fashion that no matter what the men are hoisting it stands for something. Do I agree with the message/idea? Not necessarily- but sending death threats? Thats just absurd.

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