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Tom Brady vs Chris Chase

USA – Chris Chase.. what an absolute BUM. This beat writer for USA Today wrote a blurb saying TB ruined his appearance with his latest court showing. I just cannot wrap my head around this stance some people are taking.  “Tom should give up. He is ruining his image more by fighting the ruling. He should accept it and move on. It’ll look better and it can be done with.”

My question is why would you accept a verdict when you believe you are innocent? Not only does he have a solid chance of winning the case in court- but he has a chance to win in the court of public opinion.

This whole notion of, “just give in and accept the penalty” is exactly what enslaves people. How can you expect an innocent man to accept a penalty which is complete defamation? I don’t know about some of these soft writers, but I know if I’m getting attacked for something I didn’t do, I’m going to not only prove my innocence, but find the sole root in the attack- in this case the unruly leader that is Goodell.

So lets get into this article and breakdown exactly where this guy, like many others, are wrong. Completely unbiased. Lets dissect.

First sentence, “There comes a tipping point in most controversies in which victory becomes impossible for either side.”

Cases like this reach a tipping point because of public opinion. Because of bullshit journalism putting out false information about the PSI numbers and the number of balls actually deflated (and NOT including the fact that some Colts balls were under the real number) people will forever think that Tom is behind it. Idiots with jealousy? Maybe. For Everyone else who actually takes in sides of arguments and grounds their own opinion, this is why Tom is fighting and victory can be reached. The NFL has everything to lose. Tom is already looking better and better by the day based on the evidence coming out about the snake moves of Goodell and his henchmen. If Tom wins this case, people will not only believe his word, but I bet you they’ll be lines of people ready to apologize for jumping the gun. I mean, who wouldn’t apologize to him, hes gonna come to your city and completely murder your team this season. GOING FOR THE THUMB.

Another, “Brady’s reputation is besmirched forever. People will forget and gloss over Deflategate, but it will always be with him, an incident that will make the first or second paragraph of his football obituary.”

Maybe your bum obituary will find whatever smear that’s come about and focus only on that but for everyone else, they’ll talk about numbers: the Rings, MVPs, Clutchtime plays, perfect family, and his smoking hot wife.

“It didn’t have to be this way. No one would have thought Brady was admitting guilt if he’d taken the four-game punishment.”

Are you insane? Yeah… nobody would of thought he was guilty if he said I’m guilty. I’d say it feels like I’m taking crazy pills, but it’s this Chase Bum. Probably just wants TB to accept the punishment so he can further bash him and say ‘IM RIGHT! IM RIGHT!’.. but you know if Brady wins, he’s been wrong all this time. Chase, you’re getting caught buddy!

The NFL’s actions are equally questionable, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a key difference: No one really cares what Roger Goodell and the NFL front office do. Sure, people say they do but it’s like in an election when voters say they’re evaluating foreign policy and school testing but are really voting whichever way Jon Stewart or Rush Limbaugh told them to.”

Yeah their actions are a little questionable (lying, authoritarianism, defamation)…. BUT BRADY, LORD THIS IS BAD! Idiot. Who cares what the commissioner does, or the front office- I mean it’s only a multi-billion dollar business in the hands of bums with complete control with what happens on the field and in the press. Idiot. And that last part about voting based on what people tell them and then they take it for facts, exactly what I’m arguing here. You’re the exact parasite you’re talking about- taking what the NFL press has as fact, and rolling with it.

The blind Brady supporters won’t care, but the ones who were inclined to take his side will be swayed the other way now: Not only did Brady cheat, but he fought his suspension for cheating and still lost. He’s someone who can’t admit when he was wrong, just another entitled athlete, just with a dimpled chin and UGGs on his feet.”

First off, don’t ever make fun of my leaders face or personal attire. They are always spot on and they should be treated as so. Secondly, How can you say Brady cheated and fought and lost? He is in court right now fighting and it’s looking pretty good for him and his team. I mean they can play the I’m innocent card and probably win- but the NFL seems to be ruining their case based on their actions so Tom and party are sitting back enjoying (actually Brady has been seen looking very stern, blood hungry if you will, while the rest enjoy it). Lastly, ‘blind Brady supporters’. Yeah there are some, but there is plenty of people who actually look at facts and realize if you’re a human being with rights and a brain, you should be on Brady’s side. Also, you’re definitely on the other side of the spectrum of the ‘blind Brady hater’ for completely crushing your teams dreams for the last fifteen years, taking names, claiming rings, and living the life. Sounds like somebody is just peanut butter and…jealous?
Chase finishes his article by saying, “Now, he’s basically the guy who fell outside a Sizzler and is suing for his medical bills.”

You’re an idiot. Get outta here. Everyone knows Brady aint a fan of the Sizzler, he’s too busy focusing all his efforts of getting himself in top shape to achieve his ultimate goals to become the undisputable GOAT. Something you Chase, wouldn’t know a thing about: self-displine, integrity, brains. You’re more like woeful jealous bum.
Once Tom is exonerated from his charges, I expect an apology from you to Tom, myself and the rest of Patriots Nation. After that, you should formally kick yourself in the ass and probably wear a dunce cap around your shanty of a village. You’re complete lack of accountability for this garbage you call reporting is exactly what’s wrong with journalism. Yeah, you may be working for USA today, and I’m a broke college student, but damnit I still have a soul. Won’t stop till we get the thumb. America. #FreeTB12

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