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BubbleWrap is soon losing its ‘POP’ and I’m soon losing my Innocence

WallSt Journal-  Bubble Wrap, the packaging material popular with shippers and toddlers alike, is losing its pop. Sealed Air Corp., the original seller of Bubble Wrap since 1960, is rolling out a revamped version of its signature product. Dubbed iBubble Wrap, the new packaging is sold in flat plastic sheets that the shipper fills with air using a custom-made pump. The inflated bubbles look much like traditional Bubble Wrap, with one key difference: They don’t burst when pressure is applied.

Charlotte N.C.-based Sealed Air is betting iBubble Wrap will appeal to space-conscious online retailers who are driving swift growth in the global packaging business, even as fans are disappointed by the lack of pop. Traditional Bubble Wrap ships in giant, pre-inflated rolls, taking up precious room in delivery trucks and on customers’ warehouse floors. One roll of the new iBubble Wrap uses roughly one-fiftieth as much space before it’s inflated.

Sealed Air could face the wrath of Bubble Wrap fans. When regular Bubble Wrap’s individually sealed pockets are squeezed, they rupture with a satisfying noise. But iBubble Wrap is laid out in columns of connected air pockets, so when pressure is applied to one “bubble” the air gets pushed into neighboring bubbles.

First we get ISIS fucking up our neighbors OUTSIDE our borders, then we have a growing sense of separation INSIDE of our borders (and even fucking parasites that eat our brain), and now you lay THIS shit on me!?!

I dont care of the extra costs, or the extra space needed to house this outdated supply- I NEED THIS. Having a shitty day at work/school? Grab some bubble wrap. Tell me it doesnt clear your mind even in the slightest to get you feeling better. Nothing like getting a small package and having it wrapped in this bursting bubble shit. First world problems my ass- this just cant be a thing. Everythings thats happening and this is the news I get before I catch some Z’s- knowing in the near future, I or even my (wicked distant of a thought) kids wont get the same enjoyment? Fuck you Sealed Air Corp, with your damn innovations to revamp the packaging industry. Take your stupid fake bubblewrap and gheeeeeet out!

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