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Slime Season 3 is Finally Here

The day has come. Thugger has officially dropped SlimeSeason3, an 8 track album completing the trilogy. The album features some hard hitting tracks like With Them while still bringing it to a lower level with his song Worth it, which already has a racy music video with his hubby. While so may be turned off by the number of songs on the album- have no fear, apparently this is just a prelude to his upcoming album Hi-Tunes, stylized as Hy!¬£UN35. Not only do we have record coming out, Thugger announced the album with a marketing video with his upcoming tour dates. The video features Jeff (lmao his name is Jeff)- riding a horse up to a red carpet that’s laid out in front of the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. At the end of the clip, a list scrolls on the screen showing all the upcoming concerts. Unfortunately he’s not coming to Boston, but he will be in the New York area. I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but Young Thug isn’t great. By no means is he on the same lyrist level as Kanye, JayZ, Nas, Tupac, or Biggie- but the thing about Thugger is he’s got an energy that is unique in the game right now. Sometimes I listen to this shit that comes out of his mouth like, “damn, is this really his lyrics?” but I cant stop bumping to it. Nonetheless, I’m always excited for some new music, and by the rate Young Thug has been releasing it- seems like we should have new music every few months. Click here to stream SS3 & here to see the upcoming tour dates.

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